PEB - Permanent Executive Bureau

The Permanent Executive Bureau (PEB) are IPA members who are elected by delegates at the IPA World Congress for a period of three years.

The PEB is responsible for the management of the Association and for implementation of decisions taken by the International Executive Council (IEC). The PEB have the power to act on behalf of the IEC in any matter requiring immediate action.

Meetings of the PEB take place at least once a year to review the administration of the Association. These meetings are hosted by National IPA Sections.

Whilst all of the Permanent Executive Bureau are members of the IPA they undertake their duties independently of the interests of their own National Section and for the exclusive good of the Association.

Kees Sal, Werner Busch, Gal Sharon, Pierre-Martin Moulin, Georgios Katsaropoulos,
Stephen Crockard, Romain Miny, Wolfgang Gabrutsch and Michael Odysseos

The PEB is composed of:

International President
International Vice-Presidents (3)
International Secretary General
Assistant International Secretary General
International Treasurer
Assistant International Treasurer
PEB members may be re-elected at a World Congress at the end of their three year term.

Maintained by the PEB, Nottingham is the home of the International Administration Centre. From here the staff liaise with the International Secretary General and the PEB as well as with National Sections from all parts of the globe.



Pierre-Martin MOULIN (Switzerland)

First Elected to the PEB, May 2003

Dear friends,
The world congress has appointed a new team for the coming term. Commissions have been appointed as well!
As I like to say sometimes, the satisfaction of an election lasts 30 minutes, the reality of the task is 3 years! So, back to work....
The IPA ship is built on sound, solid and fundamental principles. It has been cruising for the last 62 years and will continue its journey. We will all contribute to keep it safe.
But as the ship stays safe, it is up to the crew to define the route. The world is large and together with the crew and you, I am eager to discover many places around it, new places, and different ones.
In other words, we shall not be afraid of changes and questions. Questions will bring answers; answers will generate ideas, mutual ones, for the beneficial development of the Association. If we dare to ask questions, we will have the courage to make changes.
This trip is our trip... I am counting on you all!


Gal SHARON (Israel)

Chairman of the International Social Commission (ISC)
First Elected to the PEB, September 2009

Dear friends!
I thank you for trusting and electing me.
“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” (Albert Camus). In IPA we are walking together.
We intend to initiate involvement of as many IPA members as possible in the activities of the organization.
The ISC coordinates the major issues related to most of the members, such as sports, hosting, travel, IPA houses and "other accommodations", emergency aid, youth exchange and more.
We strive to connect directly with IPA members using digital media and social networks and with the sections around the world with information delivered regularly.
We believe that knowledge and information is the basis of involvement and participation in the activities of the organization.
The new spirit that we bring you will create more involvement and expansion of activities of the organization through more sports activities, more travel and hosting, more IPA houses and other accommodation, more youth exchange.
I wish you all a great walk together!


Werner BUSCH (Germany)

Chairman of the External Relations Commission (ERC)
First Elected to the PEB, September 2012

Dear Friends,
My vision of the work of the ERC is the global promotion of IPA within the international organizations like United Nations, European Union, EUROPOL and the Organisation of American States. At the same times the efforts and successes of the ERC must be anchored in the awareness of the IPA Sections worldwide and Police Authorities as well.
To protect the status and possibly enhance the status of IPA as NGO in Consultative (Special) Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations; in Consultative Status
with the Council of Europe, the Organisation of American States and UNESCO; International NGO maintaining operational relations within EUROPOL is another main target of the ERC. IPA is dedicated to play an active role in these International Organisations and Police Services.
With the help of the members of the ERC I will reach these goals by organizing and leading two ERC meetings a term and one ERC secretariat meeting a year. By taking part as far as possible in international organizations’ events the members of the ERC will fill our visions with life. In our annual IPA Global report and the ERC annual progress report you will be informed about our work. The relevant information from the International Institutions will be dispatched to the PEB and the Sections as well.


Kees SAL (Netherlands)

Chairmain of the the International Professional Commission (IPC)
PEB representative for IBZ Gimborn.
First Elected to the PEB, September 2012

I am very honoured to have been elected. The election of this PEB according to your votes has brought changes compared to the previous one.
Keywords that I will pursue and follow in my work are change, transparency, dialogue and trust.
It will be with your support, advice and guidance that I hope to achieve progress for the better of our Association. To improve our professional skills, knowledge and experience. To guide in particular, our younger officers and
show them who we are, who we can and want to be and what we stand for. And most important, that we serve each other through true friendship.


Georgios KATSAROPOULOS  (Greece)

Chairman of the International Internal Commission (IIC).
First Elected to the PEB, September 2006

Dear IPA friends, I am very honoured and happy to have been re-elected as ISG of our Association. I will not promise you anything, because I would never perform comprehensive and representative work without the assistance and co- operation of the National Sections and the PEB members. New ideas and new suggestions without any harm to the Association will be welcomed. My principle would be that I will try to do my best, acting as the first servant of the IPA together with you, for you.
I am still interested in friendship, solidarity, cooperation, understanding, constructive criticism and kindness for a better future for IPA.
You have known me almost 12 years, and as a PEB member for the last 6 years. I will act in the new term as I did until today, as a hard worker, experienced in dealing with IPA matters, in the spirit of our motto “Servo Per Amikeco”. I am ready to share all my experience and offer all my knowledge of IPA.
Thank you kindly

Assistant International Secretary General

Stephen Crockard (United Kingdom)

Chairman of the International Cultural Commission (ICC)
First Elected to the PEB, September 2009

I am really pleased to chair a fine team in the International
Cultural Commission.
Eija and Manel have great experience of the work of the commission and I, together with Patric, Paul & Alfred, will be looking to them for sound advice on many aspects of our work, and together we shall carry on, but also build on that fine
The commissions have been Euro centred in the past, with an understandable wish to achieve value for money, but the PEB wishes to reach out to the other continents and this is reflected in the inclusion of Alfred from Swaziland and Paul from New Zealand.
Increased inclusivity is one of our aims over the coming three years and what we, as a team need to look at now, is identifying cultural events that we can either create, or buy into to allow as many people as possible to benefit from our activity.

International Treasurer

Romain Miny (Luxembourg)

First Elected to the PEB, May 2000

Dear friends
You have elected me as your International Treasurer at the last World Congress. I will do my best to fulfil the responsibility that you have placed on me.
Since the IPA was established, all my predecessors in the
position of International Treasurer have been competent IPA personalities. As the person in charge of the International Treasury I stand for continuity in this sensitive area. One of the logical consequences of this is that our money remains safely invested in Switzerland, and that I have no intention at all to withdraw our assets from Switzerland.
I thank you for your confidence and hope for a good cooperation.

Assistant International Treasurer

Wolfgang Gabrutsch (Austria)

Dear IPA-Members
I have chosen the position of Assistant International Treasurer in order to represent the financial interests of our member sections in the PEB, and I regard myself as the “guardian of the IPA treasure”. Thank you in advance for your confidence!


Michael Odysseos (Cyprus)

First Elected to the PEB, June 1994

The delegates have also appointed the immediate past president as advisor of the newly elected PEB, for one year initially. His tasks will mainly be to assist the PEB members by advising them on specific matters where his experience and knowledge of the Association will be of great help.

Internal Auditors

Michael Walsh (Ireland) & Demetris Demetriou (Cyprus)




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